Yesterday (May the 17th) marked two years since Himself and I became Us. Two years barely gets to sit on the bench in the Long-Term Relationship team and that’s only because we bring the All-Star Married For 30 Years players water and orange slices after the game. Two years is a short time for two people to know the very depths of one another’s souls. You know, the really grimy, neglected parts with a creaky door and a broken window, rats scurrying about… Well, that’s how it has worked out for us.

I say ‘it’, but really it is so much more than that. ‘It’ is numerous fights, silent treatment and public crying (mostly, okay, ALL me). ‘It’ is the juggling of hectic studies, biting cold winter walks home after late nights in the study centre. ‘It’ is the pain of loss, illness, needing and not having. I remember at one point, Himself took a liking to bright-coloured shorts while I was spilling out of my size 28 jeans. We got through it, man.

‘It’ is hearing a song and telling Himself that I wanted to walk down the aisle to him in that dress I showed him and not being afraid to scare him off.
None of this even begins to scratch the surface. What I feel right now, regardless of what happened in the past and what is to come, is grateful to call him mine.





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