I want to talk about intuition. Intuition is a spiritual gift we all possess to varying degrees. It’s also known as: a hunch, instinct, that little voice in your head. “When you know, you KNOW.” Sound familiar?

Essentially, we all come from a Source: God. All your collective experiences, entire catalogues of your life are housed in the Source. More on that in future. So anyway, when you have an instinctive “feeling” about something, you are drawing information from the Source.I find I’m meeting more and more people who say they are feeling an awakening of sorts. They are becoming aware of their intuition and are seeing patterns. You are not alone. This connection to the Source has always existed. You are becoming aware of it simply because all of humanity is entering the Age of Aquarius where we are being prepared to ascend from this dimension to the next. I’ll blog about the other symptoms of this very soon. Just know your heightened intuition is one of them.

It’s pretty cool, right? Such an every day thing. You might think it’s not that deep but honey, it is. The most organic way to develop your intuition would be to be honest with yourself. Get to know yourself. Be truthful about your feelings.When you are being true to yourself, you are honouring your Highest Self. You – I don’t know how else to put this – vibrate at the same frequency as your God self, your ultimate energy, when you focus your energy on the things that make you happy and when you feel truly fulfilled. As you get to know yourself, you get to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you trust your gut feeling. You develop your intuition.

My favourite way to develop intuition (I’m a newbie, I know zilch about metaphysics etc.) is to ask myself: but why? Wait, let me explain. When I feel any type of way: curious, scared, whatever, I ask myself why I feel that way. Then I answer, in the most honest way possible. Like brutally honest. Answers like:

“Because I’m shallow.”

“I want attention.”

“I’m jealous because I don’t have that.”

“I’m afraid to be alone.”

“I want to hurt xyz because they hurt me.”

“I don’t like how I look.”

BRUTAL, I said. Then, I interrogate those reasons further. You’ll unearth issues you never acknowledged before. It is an ugly process. Worth it though. As you get to understand why you like/dislike certain things, you start to remove yourself from what you dislike. Move towards what you like. The result is that you are living your truth. You honour your Highest Self. You become more spiritually in tune. Hope this helps someone.


KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Gardens by Zama Nzimande



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