Whenever you do something out of Love, you honour your God-self. Love is the only absolute Universal Law. It transcends age, gender, sexuality, social status and whatever man-made shackles we have created. All good things are borne out of Love. Rose quartz and carnelian (in the photo) are my recommendation for today, with Love of self and healing from the past as a theme. If you’re into crystals, of course. With or without these stones as a helping hand, here’s a quick meditation you can try. Just 30 minutes of silence, with a pen and paper:

1. Get into a comfortable position. Lying on your back or seated, with support. Take a moment to make sure no part of your body is tense.

2. For 5 minutes, do nothing. Stay in that position, just focusing on breathing in & out. Your mind will drift; ground it. It won’t be easy.

3. You will find your body in a very relaxed state. Now to ground yourself: Acknowledge your name, where you are & what day it is.

4. Now for the most important bit:

Ask yourself how you are. How you REALLY are. Get to grips with where you are at. What is worrying you?

5. You can contemplate this for as long as you need to. Remember, you are the only person you can’t lie to. As things come up, write them down.

6. As they come up, think about how much of these things are in your control. You may come to realise a lot of things are beyond your control.

7. If you find something is in your control, you can begin to think about what you will do about it moving forward. Don’t think too far ahead into the future. Just for this month, what steps you can take.

8. Of the things you can’t control, sit in silence. With each breath you let out, feel yourself letting them go. Let. It. Go

9. Lastly, again get comfy & into a state of deep relaxation. Repeat these words, accepting them into your Spirit:
“I let go of things that are beyond my control. I leave them in the Universe’s hands, knowing things are working out for my highest good. I take control of what I can, in this moment. I do this as an act of Love. Love of self. I honour God through loving myself.”

10. *this may be a good time to pray, actually. In whatever way resonates most with you*

Awaken to the Divinity and power within you. Don’t sleep on yourself.



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