You will have read or heard people talking about “transcending the fourth dimensions” and meditating to increase one’s vibrations. These concepts can sound complicated and foreign if you’re not into science and metaphysics. It may very well be the reason why you gave up on your pursuit of spiritual understanding; things just got too technical when you were hoping all you needed to do was to close your eyes and meditate and you would suddenly be given the meaning of life. Nope, not gonna happen. As with every subject, you have to study certain ideas and concepts before you can begin to explore crystals, energy healing, chakras and all that jazz.

Let’s start with the very first thing you must understand: vibrations. The Universal Law of Vibration states that anything that exists in our universe, whether seen or unseen, consists of pure light or energy which resonates and exists as a vibratory frequency. Everything in the universe is energy and all energy is at different frequencies.So, everything, from rocks, trees, animals , you and even your thoughts, has a vibrational frequency.  Vibrations can be measured – that is, some are higher than others. From that, we can begin to imagine vibrations on a spectrum. There are levels to this shit. That is where dimensions come in.

Dimensions are not places; they are level of consciousness that vibrate at a certain rate. The denser the object/form, the lower the dimension. Each dimension contains all the dimensions before it – like an onion with layers (word to Donkey from the Shrek movies.) What you experience depends on where your vibration is. So, anyway, here goes:

First Dimension – the mineral kingdom, consisting of subatomic particles, atoms and molecules devoid of their own consciousness and self-awareness. e.g. pure minerals, rocks, crystals

Second Dimension – where consciousness first becomes aware. Beings in this realm experience will, drive, pain and passion. Plants and animals exist here.

Third Dimension – the physical world. The realm of human consciousness, possessing the gift of freewill. The acquisition of knowledge necessary for the establishment of social and political structures is gained here.

Fourth Dimension – where consciousness is retained in the form thoughts based on feelings. Where physical and ethereal worlds meet. Has both light and dark polarities i.e the dark manifests in the lower vibrational frequency of repressed feelings and negative thoughts, while the light manifests in positive thoughts which open you up for spiritual growth.

Fifth Dimension – also has light and dark polarities. Exists beyond time and space limitations. Higher consciousness and lucid dreaming take place here. It is said that this is the dimension of Christ and Buddha Consciousness. The dark polarity consists of black magic, angels of darkness and rulers of the underworlds of the Second Dimension. At this stage, one becomes very self-aware and connected to some extent with the Source. One is not confined to their physical form. Astral travel is said to take place in this dimension.

Sixth Dimension – the beginning of Collective Consciousness, where souls that have split apart share the same Higher Self. When beings on this level wish to communicate with each other, they simply blend their energy fields. Every soul sees itself as part of a whole.

Seventh Dimension – the realm of divine sound and harmonics. The realm of Unity with the Creator. Consciousness returns to its Source

So where do you stand? Mankind is said to be sitting between the fourth and fifth dimensions. This is good explanation as to why you find yourself reading this article. You have found yourself experiencing dreams, strange meetings and signs. You are curious as to why these things are happening to you. Well, we are slap bang in the middle of a collective ascension*. Humanity must ascend to the fifth dimension If you find yourself experiencing glimpses into higher planes of existence, it is a sign to raise your vibration so you can get to that higher plane. You KNOW there’s something in the air. You’re not imagining it. You’ve been asleep way too long.

Awaken, beloved.

*you many want to Google ‘Ascension symptoms’ actually. Tell me in the comments or tweet me on @stars33d and let me know what you think.




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